A Mood Board for the New Apartment

No surprise here, I've already started the planning process for decorating my new apartment. It seems like just yesterday that I moved into my current place, but here we are again. As was the case last year, I'm trying to keep as much of my decor as possible, yet achieve a drastically different look. 

My apartment is in a navy, white, coral, and turquoise theme right now, which I love, but I'm aiming for a little more gender neutral this go around. So, I'm sticking with navy and white, and swapping out the turquoise and coral for gray, which shouldn't be too big of a project. I'll definitely get into more detail about decorating specifics in future posts, but, for now, here's a mood board I created that shows the vibe I'm going for in this new color palette. Cozy, but bright, homey, but tailored.

While I only have a few pieces that we need to buy— a sofa, 2 chests of drawers that double as nightstands, and a headboard— I would love any recommendations on good places to look for these pieces! Also, if you have someone in DC that you've used for furniture painting, please let me know!

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