Find your Answers with Good&Co

Who doesn't love a good quiz? Whether it's Buzzfeed, Myers-Brigg, or a good old magazine quiz, it seems we always love learning a bit about herself. Add in some productive results that you'll actually use (though, of course, I understand why you have a burning desire to know which Harry Potter character you are), and you can easily justify spending an afternoon learning a bit about yourself through multiple choice questions. 

Good&Co has developed a website and app that lets you answer questions and take quizzes for a bit of insight into your best work style. With its colorful interface and easy to use format, you'll find yourself having fun while learning what changes you can implement in your day to day work life to make yourself happier and more productive. Whether you're a dreamer, a go getter, or otherwise, this website will help you take your career and day to day organization to the next level.

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