Stripes on Stripes

I have a striped shirt obsession. Always have. And probably have written more than one post about this, but it's always good to put out an updated collection of some of the best striped tee's out there. Here are some of my current favorites, and, yes, they're all from J.Crew. Every last one of them. They do classic and slightly nautical better than anyone else, even as they've been getting a lot of bad press regarding their style these past few months.

The Midweight Striped Tee is definitely first on my list of striped shirts to add to my striped shirt drawer (yup, I have one. All stripes, all the time.) I love its cool, casual, kind of Parisienne vibe and can't wait to pair it with jeans and leopard loafers in the fall or jean shorts now. For all of the striped options, check out the links below. 

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  1. The amount of striped tees I have from J.Crew is downright embarrassing but they really are a great go-to!


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