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Monday Thoughts

Monday, we meet again and this week's gloomy forecast has my productivity feeling less than optimal. It's a countdown to  Memorial Day this weekend and I'm more than ready for a few days off. However, I'm determined to get quite a few new posts up for you this week! An outfit post, a beauty post, and a how to post. Stay tuned, but in the meantime, I've gathered up some rainy Monday reading for you.

  • A (real life) friend sent this to me last week and yet again I wondered if should have seperated blog from personal Instagram. Let's not even get into the fact the first person mentioned is also named Heather. Bloggers, friends of bloggers, what are your thoughts?
  • My sister is getting married this weekend out in rural Virginia. Just an FYI so you can be prepared for lots of Instagrams of flower crowns, craft beer, and mountain views.
  • I've tried pretty much all the meal subscription boxes, but the past couple weeks I have been doing Hello Fresh. I would highly recommend over all the other options. The meals take 30 minutes tops to make start to finish, the chopping is nothing compared to Blue Apron, and every dish has absolutely delicious. Get $20 off your first box here.
  • I haven't covered it a whole lot on the blog, but this winter and spring were busy with seeing what felt like at least 100 houses around DC. No surprise given that I'm a blogger, but I have a fairly specific idea of what I'm looking for, and nothing quite fit the bill for both me and Adam—at least within budget. Now the search has shifted to finding an apartment that starts in July, so if you know of any great buildings in the District, or anyone leaving an apartment, let me know!

So What's All This About Acai Bowls?

Since I've been re-reading Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out this spring, I'm making a genuine effort to cook all my meals with whole, nutritious foods. I'm meal prepping, using superfoods, doing the whole damn thing. One of the recipes I've gotten hooked on is a homemade acai bowl. 

I've been seeing them on Insta for what seems like forever, and many times been tempted to order one (that $10 price tag? no thanks), so when I spotted frozen acai packets at Trader Joe's I did a quick google search for recipes and off I went ready for my dose of superfoods in a bowl. Acai comes with the promise of loads of antioxidants, but I see it as a yummier way to eat my breakfast smoothie. With crunchy toppings and a thicker consistency, it's a fresh take on the smoothies I've been drinking for years.


Frozen Acai packet
1 banana
1/2 cup almond milk
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 teaspoon chia seed
1 teaspoon honey

Mix all ingredients in blender until the consistency of a thick smoothie—you want to be able to eat it with a spoon! I use this Nutri Bullet blender because it's big enough to make two servings but doesn't take up a ton of room in a smallish apartment kitchen.

Toppings: coconut flakes, granola, dark chocolate

The Last Kate Spade Surprise Sale?

I'm sure y'all have heard that Coach is buying Kate Spade, and read that this means fewer flash sales. This is terrible news given I rarely—okay, never—buy Kate Spade full price.  The Kate Spade Surprise Sales are the only time I can justify picking up an adorable dress or a fun bracelet, and my favorite deals to be found are the earrings. Rarely over $25, they're an affordable luxury and I can't get enough of the whimsical but classic styles.

Guess I'll be stocking up this time around, and you should, too. This Surprise Sale goes through Friday, May 19 at midnight. Shop all my favorite earring styles below or check out the sale for yourself!

kate spade earrings - kate spade surprise sale - last kate spade surprise sale - kate spade bought by coach

Photo by Rosa Loves DC

Beauty Favorites: Hydra-Essentiel from Clarins

If there's just one skincare tip to follow, it's to keep your skin hydrated. The more moisture, the better, so I've been all about the Hydra-Essentiel line from Clarins. With the weather in seemingly constant flux these days, this duo of Hydra-Essentiel Serum and Rich Cream is perfect for sealing in hydration and guarding against the elements.

I've long been a fan of Clarins products, from their cheek color to lip oils to suncare to skin, and I'm glad to add these to the lineup of my favorite products. Both have slipped seamlessly into my daily routine. When I get out of the shower in the morning, I first put on an oil to lock moisture in, follow it with the Hydra-Essentiel Serum, then a splash of moisturizing spray, the Hydra-Essentiel Cream, and a sunscreen to top it all off. It's a combo that keeps my skin look fresh and dewy all day long, regardless of what the day throws at me.


A Quick Trip to Brooklyn for Create + Cultivate NYC

This past weekend I took the train up for 14 hours in NYC to attend Create + Cultivate, a conference that brings together female creatives for a day of inspiration and collaboration. While I've attended a blogger conference before, I loved that this event brought together not just bloggers, but entrepeneurs, creators, artists, and makers as well. When you aren't in a room that's solely fashion bloggers, there's so much more room for "collaboration not competition" as we were reminded by a neon sign hanging over the main room.


Not only were all the attendees I met welcoming and downright awesome in their stories, but the speaker lineup was absolutely ridiculous. From bloggers like Naomi Davis, Carly Heitlinger, and Mary Orton, to amazing business women such as Kendra Scott and Rebecca Minkoff, and, finally, keynote speaker Gloria Steinem, the entire day was incredible. There were, of course, panels that were on the lighter side of things, discussing blogging and social tactics many of us may know, but there were also deep dives into topics that included fast fashion v. intentional wear, when should bloggers and influencers speak up in the political sphere, how to remain authentic when pursuing sponsored posts, and the delicate balance, or lack thereof, of family and career.


I have to give big kudos to Create + Cultivate for staying so on brand with the vendors they chose. From Framebridge to UrbanStems to Mark & Graham to Richer Poorer to Gorjana to Kopari to Erin Condren to Kendra Scott in her signature Austin, TX Airstream, everything fit perfectly within their clientele and aesthetic. Even the more established sponsors like Laura Mercier, who did our makeup and headshots, were on point.

The food was almost comically Insta worthy. Perfectly arranged chia seed pudding bowls, meals from sweetgreen and Cava, juices, cold brew coffee sweetened with almond milk and dates, organic bars of all sorts, and more LaCroix than I've ever seen in one place. While I definitely went straight for pizza before getting back on the train, I was glad to have super healthy options at my fingertips all day long.


There were many, many takeaways from a creative career standpoint and I'll be applying those for months to come, but Gloria Steinem, a self described "hopeaholic," went bigger and reminded us that, yes, the current state of affairs may be a disaster, but at least Trump has been a consciousness-raiser. It can take seeing things imploding to get people aware and involved, and that's where we are now, and it's certainly better than complacency. 

So, will I go to Create + Cultivate again? Absolutely. And now here are the pretty pictures.

Yayio Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

Last month I had the opportunity to check out Yayio Kusama's Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Hirshhorn here in DC. It's this year's version of the 2016 Renwick exhibit phenomenon that blew up all over Instagram.

I visited in the morning before the museum opened and, since there were few people there at that time, I was lucky to experience each room on my own. Since you only get thirty seconds for each installation, every moment counts, and while I know some think that being present without a camera is ideal for Infinity Mirrors, I decided that, for me, capturing the works as I saw them was integral to my experience. The exhibit has been packed since it opened — the one day I tried to go back was a complete fail — but it's up through this weekend. Here are images from my visit.

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