Instagram Recap

Happy Wednesday! I'm in the midst of warding off a summer cold and still trying to hobble together a week where I have more than one free night, but in the meantime, I've got another Instagram recap for you today with details on all the items pictured. 

Top Row: I needed some feminine, pretty dresses and skirts that didn't scream "day" and Anthropologie came to the rescue. All of the tight waist, full skirt options they have right now are perfect for my body type and I am obsessed with this black and white skirt. Also pictured - earrings, sheer coral lipstick, basic tank, sandals. - As always, Rocksbox sends me all the fun statement necklaces I would never buy on my own (code pineapplesandpearlsxoxo for a free month!) - I pulled out an old Lilly skirt {similar here} and a brand new Kendra Scott necklace for a night of wine club and the Bachelorette finale.

Middle Row: A delicious brunch at Doi Moi. - If you haven't already picked up a set of Voluspa candles in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, do it now - the sale ends in 5 days. They're a gorgeous touch to any coffee table or nightstand. Plus, they smell amazing. - I've been working on styling my desk now that I finally have one in my room. Look out for a post soon on a gallery wall with Minted. And if you're in the market for a small Parsons desk, this is the one I got.

Bottom Row: A colorful outfit for a Friday evening out. Obsessed with all of the Elsa's and pairing them with fun tassel necklaces. - When friends pick all the different style of Jack Rogers to wear. From top clockwise - Palm Beach Sandals, Lilliana Sandals, Lauren Sandals. - A gorgeous beach day a few weeks ago. If you're looking for fun towels and bright koozies, try these and these.


Keeping White Jeans Clean

White jeans are a summer staple for many of us. They pair perfectly with colorful tops and tunics and look crisp and bright when they are freshly cleaned. Keeping white jeans way, however, can be a chore, and it’s not hard to end up with dingy looking jeans that never seem to return to their original white.

After many a pair of yellowed or greyed white jeans, I finally have my white jean maintenance down to a science.

keep white jeans white - bleach white jeans - oxiclean white jeans

First things first - While bleach would seem the natural answer, it actually reacts negatively with some of the other materials that are often seen in white jeans such as a cotton/poly blend and spandex. It’s necessary in extreme situations – like the first time I splurged on a , paired them with a red and white striped top for an effortless travel look, and immediately upon getting out of the car at the airport, walked into the giant tire of an SUV, leaving a huge black tread mark up and down my leg. Bleach fixed that one, but in general, steer clear or you could end up with not so bright whites over time.

Now, on to what you should do:
  • Always launder your white jeans after just a wear or two. You don’t want dirt to set, so even if they look mostly clean, toss them in the laundry. I finally bit the bullet and got a back up pair of my favorite white jeans so that I never have to get to that third wear, when they start to look a little tired.
  • Treat stains immediately. I always have a stain stick on hand so that even the smallest spot can be taken care of as soon as it happens.
  • Tackle any spots with a stain remover before laundering. I tend to opt for gentler stain removers for clothing to extend the life of my garments and I love the packaging of these adorable dreft products.
  • A scoop of Oxi-clean brightens whites without damaging them like bleach. If you do nothing else to keep your white jeans white, do this. 
Follow these steps and your white jeans will always look as good as new. For a few of my favorite pairs of white jeans, shop the links below.


Charlottesville Summer Getaway Recap

The Thursday of Fourth of July weekend, I traveled down to Charlottesville with fellow blogger BAC and a couple other girl friends for a quick girls' getaway and I finally have a picture heavy recap for you.

We started off immediately upon arriving in town with a delicious dinner at Red Pump Kitchen on the Downtown Mall where we indulged in expertly crafted cocktails and thoughtful dishes. I had the ricotta, smoky bacon, garlic, and arugula pizza which was amazing.

We crashed right after dinner at the Oakhurst Inn, which I am absolutely going to keep on my radar when I head down to C'ville for football weekends this fall. The inn is comprised of several buildings originally built as boarding houses in the 1920's and it has a homey, but contemporary feel. No detail was forgotten in renovating the buildings and there are special touches around every corner. Breakfast the next morning at the Oakhurst Inn Cafe was local, a little bit Southern, and perfectly filling. My dish was as gorgeous as it was delectable, so of course it already made an appearance on my Instagram.

After brunch, the eating our way through Charlottesville continued, and we headed up to Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. I had no idea what was awaiting us as I expected a standard wine tasting. Instead it was a farm to table feast with a stunning backdrop and some of the best wine I've tasted in Virginia. I finally understand what all the fuss is about when people talk about Pippin Hill as their favorite vineyard.

With a few bottles of wine to go, we left Charlottesville in all of its misty, cloudy beauty and hit the road to Virginia Beach to finish out the Fourth of July weekend. But you can rest assured that all of these places will become regulars in my itinerary anytime I head down 29 South. 

My Outfit Details: Leopard Print Pajama Pants and Top - White Cropped Jeans - Jack Rogers Lilliana Sandals - Jean Jacket (I've had this one for at least 13 years and J.Crew still has a similar style!) - Kendra Scott Necklace (on sale in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!)


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is underway, which is a great time to pick up items that have been on your wish list or stock up on gifts to have on hand. 

I can never have too many of the gorgeous and beautifully scented Voluspa candles, and they're a steal at less than $10 each in the trio. I've been wanting to try the Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab set that is raved about by bloggers, and it's a great deal at $24 for the mini set. It's also hard to say no to a crossbody bag that you'll use year round, a whole slew of stila lip glosses, or a pair of classic sunglasses.

Shop all of my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in the links below, and check out a few more of my favorites in clothing and shoes!


The Best Masks

I'm often asked by readers and friends asked what my favorite face mask is, and I have tried plenty over the years. I've tried a whole slew of masks that have come in Birchboxes and even tried the inexpensive but severely drying Aztec Secret Clay Mask (don't do it if you have sensitive skin!), so I've got a good idea of the best ones out there. 

Now here's a round up of those that I like to keep on hand for everything from hydrating to clearing pores. None of these will make your skin feel like a parched desert, which I have found with many a mask. Two of them, Glam Glow and Dr. Jart Water Replenishment, are actually like a glass of water for your skin, while Miracle Skin Transformer Mud Mask is a great once weekly way to deep clean your face, I forgot to include this one in the collage below, but I absolutely love the WEI Manuka Bee Venom Mask for a softening, renewing treatment.

Just make sure you have a relaxing evening at home, by yourself, to indulge in one of these masks. A couple years back, I was lounging around my house one Sunday evening when two guy friends decided to pop by... the looks on their faces were priceless when they found me wearing a green clay mask. So confused and horrified. Sorry guys, beauty takes some behind the scenes effort!

So do you have a favorite mask I should try? Any other great hydrating options out there?


BeeSpa Hand and Foot Cream

Hand cream is right up there with lip balm for me in the category of beauty products I'm addicted to, so I jumped at the opportunity to try out BeeSpa's Ultra Healing Hand + Foot Cream. I'm all for thick hand creams that sink in and last all day, and this one absolutely fits the bill. I don't feel the need to constantly reapply and it leaves my hands feeling silky soft. 

BeeSpa's Hand and Foot Cream is definitely a bit of a splurge, but since it's made with natural ingredients, essential oils, and vitamins and antioxidants, it's definitely worth the investment. Plus, a little goes a long way, unlike the tube of hand cream I usually buy from CVS once every couple weeks. This has certainly earned a permanent place of residence on my desk so that I can use it throughout the day... now I'm just waiting for a travel size to come out.

The waffle knit backdrop in this post is a robe from Target. I got it recently when I needed to replace my old monogrammed terry cloth robe in a pinch and I actually love it. It's lightweight and though I feel a little weird describing a robe as flattering, it actually is unbelievably flattering. 


Stripes on Stripes

I have a striped shirt obsession. Always have. And probably have written more than one post about this, but it's always good to put out an updated collection of some of the best striped tee's out there. Here are some of my current favorites, and, yes, they're all from J.Crew. Every last one of them. They do classic and slightly nautical better than anyone else, even as they've been getting a lot of bad press regarding their style these past few months.

The Midweight Striped Tee is definitely first on my list of striped shirts to add to my striped shirt drawer (yup, I have one. All stripes, all the time.) I love its cool, casual, kind of Parisienne vibe and can't wait to pair it with jeans and leopard loafers in the fall or jean shorts now. For all of the striped options, check out the links below. 


Happy Thursday!

It's been a slow couple weeks of blogging for me, but I promise I'm getting back into the swing of things! It's been a month of transitions, but I started my new job this week, which means my evenings are no longer consumed with job hunting and reaching out to contact after contact after contact. 

I'm looking forward to free days where I can finally get to the purge of my apartment that I've been meaning to do, start picking up some creative hobbies again like calligraphy and watercolors, take ballet class on a somewhat regular basis, and, of course, return to a more regular schedule of blogging. 

As I get back on the wagon, is there anything you would like to see more of on Pineapples and Pearls? Definitely reach out and let me know! 

My patriotic Fourth of July ensemble from this past weekend in Virginia Beach. Featuring, of course, one of my Lilly for Target finds that I am absolutely obsessed with, a pop of gold, a summery red polish, and a bamboo bracelet. That watermelon slice was turned into a refreshing salad about 5 minutes later.