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A Weekend in Asheville

A few weekends ago I headed down to Asheville, North Carolina for my sister's bachelorette and I'm going to start off this travel recap by saying I NEED to get back there for a weekend where I can truly enjoy all the art, food, and culture this city has to offer. This was a whirlwind trip and while I got a taste of the city, I know there's so much more to explore. 

Thanks to the recommendation of my two other sisters, we kicked off the weekend with drinks at the Omni Grove Park Inn, which, on a nice evening, has a wonderful view over the mountains. Unfortunately we happened to be there on what seemed to be the coldest weekend of the year so an outdoor cocktail was out of the question, but a drink that contained an actual still smoking wood chip  more than made up for it.

We made another trip into town on Saturday to visit Wicked Weed Brewing. Apparently this is one of the most well known of the Asheville breweries, but there are countless others to add to the list for next time. Conveniently, Wicked Weed is nestled in a neighborhood that is full of delicious food options at every turn. After stumbling upon Buxton Hall barbecue, which just happens to be Bon Appetit recommended, we stopped off at Vortex Doughnuts and I wished we'd planned an eating tour of downtown Asheville. 

I'm Back!

Phew, my first three months of 2017 and non-stop travel are DONE. Stay tuned for travel posts on Asheville, Austin, and Costa Rica, as well as a slew of outfit posts from the road! Also, if you aren't already following me on Insta - head over there now to make sure you get realtime updates even when I don't have access to blogging or a computer.

Making Summer Vacation Plans Easy

Summer brings lots of fun, trips, and weekend getaways. Square Cash makes it easy to transfer funds from your account to your family and friends and takes the hassle out of paying fees when all you want to do is send $23 for a dinner where the restaurant would only take one card or pay for your stake in Memorial Day vacation house.

March comes in like a lion

It was 70 and sunny today, so this outfit from two weeks ago seems completely out of place as I write this, however, with snow in the forecast for Washington this weekend, I figure I'm right back on target to post this today. Also, I've got so many things to say about this particular outfit...

This post is my Barbour jacket's first appearance on the blog even though it's been a staple of my wardrobe since I bought it last year. It's no doubt a splurge, but the cost per wear at this point has go to be well under $1 and will only continue to go down further over the years. It goes with almost anything in my closet, whether it's jeans, leggings, or a dress, and the waxing plus the removable hood make it perfect for misty, dreary days. Plus, those roomy pockets mean I can often go without a purse—that's a definite win.

I came across these earrings when I was down in Richmond a couple weekends ago. Adam and I were killing time before meeting up with some friends at a brewery and stopped in a pop-up shop that was all local Richmond makers. I've been looking for some every day gold earrings that would make a bit more of a statement than my usual gold knots, and these absolutely fit the bill.

One last note on the outfit—I'm a big fan of layering turtlenecks with dresses and in this case it makes a warm weather cotton striped dress perfect for cooler temperatures. Also, ignore my hair. This is the result of not blow drying my hair in the AM, running hands through it that must have been greasy from hand balm, and then putting it in a top knot just to get it out of my fave. Ta-da, waves...sort of.

Barbour Jacket - Striped Dress {similar here and here} - Ivory Turtleneck - Gold Earrings

Wednesday Links

I'm in the midst of a whirlwind couple weeks—last night I wrapped up another quarter of grad school with a research paper that kept me up until 3 in the morning, tomorrow I leave for Asheville for my sister's bachelorette, then straight from there I head to Austin for SXSW, stay an extra day to see a dear friend's new baby, come back to DC Wednesday night, college friends come into town for the weekend for another friend's baby shower next weekend, and then Adam and I jetset off to Costa Rica on Sunday. Oh, and we're trying to squeeze in finding a house amidst all of this.

Phew. Keep your fingers crossed I make it through all this. On the bright side, however, all of this crazyness means lots of content for the blog!

I'll have a new outfit post up for you tomorrow, but in the meantime, I've got an installment of my not quite weekly links round up.
  • I am obsessed with this backpack that Solo Bags sent me. I initially wanted it because it slips over a suitcase, but  I've ended up using it anytime I have to tote my laptop and camera around during the day. It's small but padded, and has so many useful pockets. Definitely recommend for any frequent traveler or blogger.
  • Some people seem to think lifestyle bloggers should stay out of politics, and that's fine, but this article seemed completely off base to me. I don't think it's a true statement that all lifestyle bloggers have the same political views, it's just that those with opposing views to the ones highlighted in this article don't tend to speak out on social platforms. It shouldn't be a surprise that inclusivity is more in vogue to tout online.
  • After a several year long hiatus from buying new bathing suits, I bought two tops and a bottom last summer from J.Crew. Both are very east coast, solid, tailored, so I felt like I need something a little spicier for living the pura vida later this month. Somehow I ended up on Nordstrom Rack's website, and let me tell you, that's the place to find well priced, fun bathing suits. I bought this Tart top and bottom for $44, and this Mara Hoffman bottom for just over $50! I ordered several bright solid color J.Crew tops that were on super sale and I'm sure one will work with the Mara Hoffman print. 
  • Speaking of packing for Costa Rica, I'm debuting my first crop top set while there. It's not this exact set, but a super similar one that I picked up at the end of summer. I'm thinking an outfit post is definitely in order.
  • If Emma Watson is all about it, I want to get on board...but $25 for the trial size? I don't know about that.
  • A confession, y'all: I have become terrible at keeping up with blogs these days. I just opened my Feedly and it's embarassing how many are waiting in there for me. And, when I'm scrolling through, I realize there are posts that I'd really like to read—I just don't know when I can make the time! It's like I have to choose between blogging here and reading blogs...and it's pretty clear which decision I'm making. Don't worry though, I'm still keeping up with everybody on Instagram.
  • On that note, do y'all have any good interior design Instagram account recommednations? Preferably with a modern but cozy vibe? Not getting ahead of myself or anything...

Weekend Getaway in Richmond

My travel marathon continued last weekend with an overnight trip down to my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Usually when I go down to Richmond it's over a holiday, I'm fighting traffic all the way there, and then it's a complete whirlwind until I head back. This time around, Adam and I decided to take the train down on a Saturday morning and have a leisurely weekend in RVA until late Sunday afternoon.

We stayed at the lovely Jefferson Hotel located on West Franklin St. in Monroe Ward. I had been to The Jefferson many times over the years—dinner following Cotillion Holly Ball when I was little, drinks after friends' weddings in recent years, just a couple months ago to see the Christmas decorations—but I had never actually stayed at this Richmond landmark, so I was thrilled to have the chance to check it out!

The hotel, which dates back to 1895, was renovated over the past few years and the rooms are gorgeous, spacious, and perfectly thought out down to every last detail (the alligator pulls on the nightstands are a quirky and appreciated touch!) I could not get enough of the bathroom. Can the bathroom in my future home please look like this? I need a bathroom in calming grays and blues with a soaking tub and a big walk in shower. The room was so comfortable, homey, and luxurious all at the same time that we made the executive decision to order room service and lounge around in robes rather than make it to our 9:30 dinner reservation. You just can't beat eating a burger from the Lemaire kitchen while relaxing in bed. Of course if you do decide to leave the room, the hotel itself is stunning, the restaurants are top notch, and I love just grabbing a drink at TJ's bar. Don't miss the statue of an alligator outside the front entrance. It's an ode to the alligators that lived in the hotel fountain until 1948.

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