Wednesday Links

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well. I, for one, am just glad I got a post up today! I'm currently in the midst of a few weeks where I can barely keep my days straight. Luckily, after this week, life should be back to normal and I can have a few nights to myself to relax and mornings where I don't have to be up at 5:30 to fit in a workout.

  • I'm still absolutely loving receiving new Rocksbox's a few times each month. I typically wear my pieces for about a week before sending them back which gives me three new boxes every month. My favorites so far have been bangles from Margaret Elizabeth Jewelry. Try out a free month of Rocksbox with the code "pineapplesandpearlsxoxo".

  • I booked my last manicure using the  new app Pretty Quick. It allows you to peruse salons in your area and book directly through the app. Tip is automatically included, which is perfect if you're like me and always forget cash. Plus, if you book at least one service each month, you qualify for their VIP program which takes 20% off each service you book. Get a free manicure when you give it a try.

  • Speaking of nails, I decided to try Sally Hansen 2 step Gel Miracle. While I'm not going to say it look quite as good as a salon gel manicure, I am on day 2 without even the tiniest of chips or noticeable wear on the tips of my nails (this is seriously impressive for me.)

  • I am absolutely obsessed with the adorable gingham shirtdress that Krista of Covering the Bases wore in her outfit post today. Navy, white, AND a shirtdress? Perfection. 

  • When you read an article and it sums up perfectly all those twitter posts you can't stand. While I've been known to throw an incomplete sentence around to make a point, I just can't get behind this style of writing. I get that it makes your feelings seem universal and identifiable out in cyberspace, but I don't have to like it.

  • Though I'm as chatty as the next girl, I'm definitely an introvert at heart, so I loved this article from The Everygirl on 7 Tips for the Introverted Career Woman

  • On that work note, I've started a Pinterest board with creative office spaces. I love my current apartment, but I'm definitely itching for a move and I hope to have the room for a true desk area. Working on my bed, or at the kitchen table, or in the living room is great and all, but it's time for a designated work spot.

  • If you ask my favorite movie, I'll probably tell you "any Julia Roberts movie in the romantic comedy genre." Pretty Woman is definitely up there at the top and I loved seeing the cast back together on the Today Show this morning for the 25th anniversary.     
  • 3.23.2015

    A Walk on the Wild Side

    Here's a fun fact about me: I have six pairs of animal print shoes. Yup, 6. Leopard really is a neutral. Whether it's on a flat, an espadrille, a bootie, or even a rain boot, leopard is a year round print that I especially love wearing in transitional weather. A sophisticated flat is timeless when paired with a light pair of jeans and a striped bateau top, while a chocolate colored cashmere sweater and white jeans are chic complements to casual leopard booties.

    5 Leopard Rain Booties (under $25!) - 6 Sam and Libby Flats (also under $25!)

    animal print flats - animal print booties

    I'm glad my friend/fellow blogger Jen introduced me to these adorable leopard rain booties - they're too good of a steal not to add them to your spring wardrobe. 


    Rainy Days

    I featured an outfit collage with a classic trench last week, so when the weather was looking a little bit dreary on Saturday, I decided to use that opportunity to brave the rain and snap a few pictures of my own new trench coat. 

    After looking at seemingly endless options, I decided to go with this one (online only) and am obsessed. It's a great weight for transitional weather, but also has a quilted liner that buttons into the coat and makes it cold weather appropriate. The color is that chic traditional khaki that's been stylish for generations and the long, flattering length is sure to stand the test of time. 


    Clarins Lips

    Last week I shared with you some of my favorite Clarins makeup products for spring, and this week I have for you some of the most gorgeous spring lip colors I've seen in a while.

    The best thing about Clarins' spring lip products is that they're ideal for the girl that prefers a balm or a gloss over a lipstick, but still wants color. Clarins introduced Lip Oils this season that combine the deep moisturizing qualities of an oil with the high shine and light tint of a gloss. I've been using both colors - honey and raspberry - and I've found that both are incredibly versatile. Honey is great for days when I'm going for a truly low key look, while raspberry adds a definite pink kissed look to lips. I've completely jumped on the oil bandwagon and adding a lip product into the mix was a natural next step.

    Clarins' Lip Balm Perfector comes in 6 subtle yet stunning shades ranging from a coral to red to nude. There's also a color called "My Pink" which adjusts to your skin tone to reveal the perfect pink for you. Layered over top (yes, over) the lip oil in raspberry, it's the prettiest vibrant but natural pink you'll ever see. Plus, it lasts!

    Check out all of Clarins' spring makeup here - there's a wide array of gorgeous, fresh colors that I'm just dying to use now that warmer weather is finally around the corner.


    Red and Black

    One of my favorite color combos for interiors is red and black. It's such a classic look that, when done right, is just the definition of sophisticated. You don't need to redecorate an entire room to incorporate a bit of red and black into your own home. Bold colors are often make the biggest impact when done in small doses and this palette is no exception. I love the balance of both luxury and brightness that these accessories bring to a space.

    Each of these pieces also brings a bit of contemporary whimsy to your home. Whether you choose a glossy black dog objet or a Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, these are sure to be conversation starters. Of course, you can never go wrong injecting a bit of leopard print into any room and I love the retro appeal of the figure in the camera print. Don't forget the well appointed space also has a signature scent and a rose candle seems perfectly at home here.


    Spring Showers

    Spring showers are the perfect time to break out an ensemble of simple yet classic pieces that never go out of style. With an iconic trench coat, a pair of tailored dark jeans, and a modern take on the timeless white button down, you're set for anything that's thrown your way.

    I accented this outfit with a durable tote that is made special by brown leather accents and a spot for a gold monogram, a menswear inspired watch, subtle but distinctive gold earrings, and a pair of black wellies masquerading as chic riding boots. When the air isn't cooperating with your blowout, just spritz your hair with some sea salt spray for texture and volume before throwing it back in an easy ponytail (hint: if you hook two bobby pins vertically through the bottom half of your hair tie, it will give your ponytail an extra bit of perkiness).

    If you're looking to invest in a trench but aren't quite ready to pull the trigger on one of the higher priced coats, check out some of the options from London Fog. I love this long hooded trench as well as this shorter version.


    What's In My Gym Bag?

    Earlier this week, I did a post on What's In My Bag? for my everyday purse, however just as often as I'm carrying a normal purse, I'm carrying a gym bag. Five months after I jumped on the ClassPass bandwagon, I'm still going strong, so it's a rare day that I don't have my workout essentials in tow. 

    My gym bag is from Gaiam and I am obsessed with the yoga mat strap on the bottom that allows me to tote around my mat without having to carry a specific mat tote. This bag has pockets on both the front and back exterior that are perfect for stashing my keys and lip balm while having them easily accessible. Water bottle pockets on either side make it harder for me to leave my water bottle behind (seriously, I've lost roughly 5 reusable water bottles) and internal pockets are also helpful for staying organized.

    Inside my bag, I keep an outer layer for those classes where the studio is an icebox and this pullover from lucy is one of my favorites. It has the softest fleeced material on the inside and a front pocket that's perfect for stashing a hair tie and a lip balm. On that note, I always have an extra hair tie or two with me as well as a headband. Since I don't want to end up paying $14 for a pair of barre socks because I happened to leave mine at home, I try to always keep an extra pair in my gym bag. These adorable bright blue socks are one of my favorite pairs

    Since I like to be prepared for anything that might come up after class, and I really prefer not to have obviously just been at hot yoga while I'm running errands, I keep a few toiletries ready to go in my gym bag. Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which I've blogged about again and again and I also keep in my regular purse, is a must for a quick, refreshing pick me up. Josie Maran's Argan Color Stick is a moisturizing and natural flush of color that brightens up my face and makes me a feel a bit more pulled together. Cottonelle's Cleansing Cloths are perfect for freshening up before or after a long class and Fekkai Dry Shampoo will perk you hair up and give it a bit of volume so you can get on with your day. And, if all else fails, just throw on an adorable hat

    This article is sponsored by Cottonelle and their #gocommando campaign.  


    Weekend Links

    In the time I've been sitting here pulling together all the links that caught my eye this week, I have literally gotten up 5 times to get a Thin Mint cookie from the pantry. I swear each one is the last one, yet three minutes later I'm back up. Maybe I'm burning off the calories with all the walking back and forth? Regardless, this leads me to two links to start you off, a recipe for homemade thin mints (this could ruin me) and an official Girl Scout cookie taste test from Glamour.

    Some of my favorite little pretties. 

    • I keep coming across mentions of Nicole Lapin's book Rich Bitch and I need to order a copy ASAP. This article explains her reasoning behind her book's title and why women need to step up and be confident and empowered with their financial lives. 
    • Amy Stone's light and bright West Village apartment is 450 square feet but seems twice that size because of her inspired use of space and intentional, yet casual, styling. On the small space note, I'm totally blown away by this tiny 90 square foot apartment. I couldn't do it, but this fashion girl makes it work.
    • I have a haircut tomorrow morning bright and early and though I'm not springing for bangs as I've been threatening for a while, I am going to go much shorter. I love Kim from Kensington Way's hair and am thinking that's the perfect inspiration for my straight and thick locks. 
    • I'm a sucker for a quirky winter sweater and I am seriously tempted now that this abstract fair isle sweater is more than 50% off, though perhaps the scarf is a better, smaller, dose of color.
    • In the image above, there's a gold sea urchin box from One Kings Lane. This little gold accent houses matchboxes I've collected on my way out of delicious restaurants and dimly lit bars. I love the idea of adding in personalized matchboxes with my monogram.
    • The earrings above are from my second Rocksbox (I also received an amazing Loren Hope necklace!) Remember, just a week or so more to use the code pineapplesandpearlsxoxo to try out a free month of Rocksbox.