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This Travel Tuesday, It's Time To Book Some Cheap Travel

Okay, so I missed my goal of publishing this post on Tuesday, but I'm sticking with the title because #TravelThursday just doesn't have the same ring to it. I spent Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, and Wednesday afternoon at the vet with Hampden—$1,200ish and a lot of worst case scenario googling later, she has pancreatis and bladder stones. Sounds terribly painful, but a lot better than any of the alternatives I had convinced myself she had.

Enough about cat health issues, on to the post. Something that I've really prioritized the past few years, and I'm sure you can tell this by the shifts in content on here and on my Instagram, is travel. While I love spending time in DC, I figure while I have relatively few responsibilies, I should try to get out and explore every chance I get. Of course I do not have a limitless budget, so I have to make an effort to save where I can, and I've rounded up some of my best tips for you here 


  • Subscribe to Scott's Cheap Flights: Over the past month, Adam and I have booked trips to Paris, Iceland, and Ireland via deals we found on Scott's Cheap Flights. Sign up for the emails and you'll get notified of crazy cheap deals, whether it's mistake fare or a promotion. You have to move fast on these, though. We missed the first Paris itinerary we wanted because I waited a couple hours. Also, I've found the Premium is not worth paying for, so I'd say just stick to the free version.
  • Make sure you get Southwest emails: It seems like Southwest has a fare sale every week, and there typically are crazy cheap flights to be found. We're headed to Louisville, KY to do the Bourbon Trail on Southwest flights that we found for under $100 each, round trip.
  • Use JetBlue for Charleston or Boston from DC: I've flown to Boston for just over $70 on JetBlue, and Charleston fares usually aren't much more. 
  • Consider Saturday morning to Monday morning: As long as you can get yourself up at the crack of dawn, the savings from doing a Saturday to Monday weekend rather than Friday to Sunday are well worth it. This is where the under $100 flights can usually be found.


  • Use Airbnb: Airbnb is the best way to get an authentic experience in another city and a cheaper price tag than a hotel. Of course, do your research and read the reviews, look closely at the location, and make sure it's not just a room in someone's house, but, assuming all that checks out, it's an easy way to save a couple hundred dollars. At my sister's wedding, condos through Airbnb were $200 less a night than condos booked directly through the resort.
  • Don't sacrifice location to save a few bucks: Pick a spot in a central location, even if it's a bit more expensive. You'll save in the end because you won't be taking ubers every time you venture out.


  • Take advantage of discounts you already have: When renting a car, I always make sure to use my USAA discount—it's crazy how much you can save! I rented a car to drive down to Richmond for under $25. AAA offers similar discounts on hotels and rental cars.
  • Make a plan: While I'd like to fly by the seat of my pants, that's when I ended up making rash decisions and wasting money. With an itinerary, even if its loose, you'll have a clear idea of what you want to see, eat, and do, and you won't waste money or time on a subpar meal just because you were starving.

So, there you go, my tips for booking travel on a budget! Where are you headed this year? Any recommendations on places to add to my list?

Yep, You Can Wear Lilly Pulitzer To Work

Throughout my life as a working adult, I've gone back and forth on whether or not Lilly Pulitzer is appropriate for a professional setting. While I've certainly never worked somewhere where I need to be in a suit or pencil skirt and heels every day, I do try to look semi pulled together and respectable. 

However, that doesn't mean my work wardrobe needs to be drab and I've found ways to make my favorite Lilly looks work for the office. In general, I'll steer clear of the classic shift dresses, which I love for weekend, but I've found that a lot of the jersey options, particularly those with sleeves like this dress below, are right on target for the workplace. While they may be a bit more vibrant than your every day wrap dress, the silhouettes are totally work appropriate when paired with a neutral shoe and demure jewelry. It's all about finding a shape that's professional and then it's fine when you kick it up a bit with a print, just so long as everything else in your outfit mutes the look a bit. 

You can shop all of my Lilly Pulitzer picks below. I've rounded up all the long sleeve, work appropriate dresses that you'll reach for again and again on both weekdays and weekends. Seriously, it doesn't get more colorful or comfortable than these.

Must Haves for a Colorful Day at the Beach

Three days and 12 hours until my first beach trip of the season! Not that I'm counting, but seriously, how have I made it to mid-June without a day on the water?! Of course, when I'm headed to the beach, I have to make sure I have my beach bag packed with colorful, fun accessories. No boring beachside looks here.

I'm loving the blue and pink color scheme I've got going on in this collage. Since I'm headed to a beach in Delaware, not a tropical destination, I didn't want to go too neon with my palette, but I still wanted it to be bold and colorful. From this vibrant pineapple towel to the plunging scoop back bathing suit in hot pink to the trendy sunglasses, this beach look is right on target for a hot June day.

Of course, you can't forget hydration, and there's no need to be boring there either. I'm loving these flavored Sparkling Ice sparkling waters. With fruity flavor and zero calories, they are the perfect beachside refreshment. And, if you're feeling a little bit adventurous, I'd suggest mixing in a bit of prosecco for a fruity, colorful, spritzer.

You can shop the items in my beachside must haves, sponsored by Sparkling Ice, in the links below, plus a few SPF must haves that you should never leave home in the summer without.

On a Rainy Day in the Mountains, My Little Sister Got Married!

This past Memorial Day weekend, my sister Haley and her now husband Chris got married at a stunning venue tucked away in Nelson County in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The weekend kicked off with all of the bridesmaids gathering at Pharsalia to make our own bouquets with flowers freshly picked from the historic home's garden. I am not a flower person whatsoever, I've never made a flower arrangement, and I literally cannot have flowers in my apartment because Hampden will eat them, so needless to say, this was not a part of the day I was looking forward to. However, it became one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I couldn't stop adding flowers to my bouquet, which ended up overflowing with peonies, snap dragons, and foxglove. The afternoon of flower arranging was followed by a rehearsal dinner at Devil's Backbone Brewing Company — a perfectly casual way to start the celebrations.

Though it rained — poured — on and off the day of the wedding, the mountains are gorgeous even through the mist. I managed to snap the few pictures below, but you can head over to Polly C Photography to see all of the professional photos. It's totally Style Me Pretty worthy. Also, Polly is usually based in Chicago, so if you're in the Windy City and need a stunning shoot, give her a shout!

Also, I did my sister (not the bride) and my mom's makeup in addition to mine on the day of the wedding, and these are my go to products for weddings, and just for every day. They're pretty, feminine, and they last.

What Podcasts Are You Listening To?

While I've literally never turned my TV on — I bought it only to coerce Adam to hang out at my house rather than his when we started dating — I'm an avid podcast listener. Whenever I'm hanging around the apartment, cooking, doing laundry, editing photos, I always have a podcast on. Music is great if there's someone else there, but if I'm the only one, I want to be learning something. Not saying I'm always learning something intellectual, but at least something entertaining. Cocktail party conversation nuggets, if you will.

So, what podcasts am I listening to these days? While it seems I find something new every day, these are the ones that I return to again and again, and the ones I anxiously await the next season of each time they end.

DESIGN MATTERS WITH DEBBIE MILLMAN For when I'm feeling a little bit intellectual and little bit artsy, Debbie Millman's conversations with designers of all sort are often lengthy but always intriguing.

THE LIVELY SHOW To be totally honest, there have been moments this season where I'm like "Oh my lord, Jess Lively has gone off the deep end." But, no matter how out there or "woo-woo" she gets, I still love her approachable speaking style and her focus on intuition.

NEW YORK MAGAZINE'S SEX LIVES From discussing an orgy in the Hamptons to talking with a sex coach to recounting every dating tale out there, this podcast is one of the most entertaining out there...and I'm devastated that it's in its last weeks. If y'all know of a similar podcast, I need to know it.

ON BEING WITH KRISTA TIPPETT I don't listen to every single one of the On Being podcasts because they are sometimes epically long, but whenever there's an intriguing deep dive into some topic of humanity that I'm interested in, I make time to listen all the way through.

NPR POLITICS I rely on NPR Politics podcast to keep me up to date on all the latest, or at least to break it down for me. I'm so attached to the podcast at this point that I was super bummed when I was out of town for their live taping here in DC.

OH BOY BY MAN REPELLER Another one of the longer format podcasts I listen to (I wish everyone would keep it to 25-45 minutes, but alas), Oh Boy interviews awesome women doing awesome things. Usually there's a style bend, but their careers are as diverse as their fashion choices.

TINY DESK CONCERTS This is the podcast I put on when I want to seem cool and in the know with all the hip indie music.

SEX WITH EMILY Looking for an entertaining and lighthearted road trip podcast? This is it. Every possible sex question you could ever have, or didn't even realize you could have, will be answered here in, and in best friend gossiping fashion.

WOMEN OF THE HOUR WITH LENA DUNHAM Hopefully my boyfriend doesn't read this post since our thoughts on Lena Dunham are one of our most divisive issues, but I just love her. Yes, she can be terribly out of touch on many, many levels, but I also think she's super easy to listen to, engaging, and not afraid to dive into touchy subject.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I'm always looking for new recommendations and would love to know what you're listening to and loving these days!

High Waisted Jeans and The Most Adorable Purse from Vera Bradley

Every season it seems like my high waisted jeans just keep getting higher...and, if you ask me, more flattering. Who knew jeans up to your belly button could be so waist cinching?! This pair is from Anthropologie and I actually took a pair of scissor to them to get that raw hem look. Still not totally sure that was the right decision given my lack of perfectionist tendencies, but they're good enough for a casual weekend look. 

The high waisted jeans aren't the only reason I love this easy summer look though. Stripes are my go to on an almost daily basis during spring and summer, and pairing them with a statement earring is the perfect high low look that is ready for anything. Then there's this lemon purse from Vera Bradley. If you haven't taken a look at all of Vera Bradley's newest pieces, you are majorly missing out. I used to love my floral duffel bag set back in high school and college, but now they've upped the ante to include gorgeous leather purses like this one. Seriously, how fun is it? Plus, I can wear it like I did here with a t-shirt and jeans or pair it with a dress for a nice brunch.

High Waisted Jeans {similar here and here} - Striped Shirt {similar here and here
Statement Earrings {similar here and here}

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