Easy Eating

While I love to cook, the time to do so is not always on my side, especially when it comes to braving the grocery store...and those lines at Trader Joe's. That's where local DC delivery dinner kits come in handy. I've tried almost all the services from the prep heavy services to the pre-made meals, and here I've got the info on my three favorites.

Disclaimer: these pictures are just a few of my favorite food Instagrams I've posted lately, I wish these meals had been delivered to my door!

  • Galley Foods: A friend introduced me to this service and I've been impressed with every meal I've tried. For $13-$16 you can get everything from crab cakes to flank steak tacos to lamb fettuccine bolognese. All of the meals feel well rounded with delicious and healthy sides. Get $10 off your first meal here!
  • Munchery: Even more budget friendly than Galley, Munchery has delicious meals starting around $7. You do have to order them a day in advance and there's an $8.95/month membership fee, but when I tried it for the first time last week, I was more than impressed with my spicy tan tan pork ramen. Get a $20 credit when you sign up here!
  • ScratchDC: If you do have a few extra minutes to cook, or are looking to impress a "let's cook dinner at my place" date, this is the best of the best of meal delivery services in DC. Everything is already prepped, which is a huge time saver—I certainly don't have time for the hours of dicing and slicing that Blue Apron requires.


Black and White

Here it is, my last outfit from Charleston! I bought this eyelet skirt earlier this summer because you can never have too many white skirts, but I had no idea this would become my go to skirt to pair with everything from a fitted tank to a tied up button down blouse. It's the perfect ladylike length that can go from work to weekend and it somehow manages to be flattering with heels or flats. Pick your poison, it all looks great with this skirt. 

Also, I find myself reaching for black and white combos again and again just so I can use this clutch. Another great deal at $25, it's got so much style. Last week I carried it with me on a date night and paired it with these same black sandals, a pair of pleated white shorts, and a black and white striped shirt


Me Time with SugarBash Box

I've always loved subscription boxes. I subscribed to Birchbox for the longest time and loved trying new products every month, but I know a lot of people complained that there beauty cabinets became overrun with samples they never got around to using. That's why I was so excited to try out the SugarBash Box which is all full size products.

Each bi-monthly box costs $35 and is valued at over $100. My box, which had the "Me Time" theme contained all the products you see below (plus a bath bomb, which I'm sure was great, but I don't have a tub...). I've used every single product, and was SO excited for the Gorjana cuff. I wear a Gorjana cuff that I got from Rocksbox almost every single day and it was high time to replace it with a new one. 

The other products included a delicious smelling and pretty citrus candle, a relaxing bedtime tea, a fun pink nail polish, a super thick moisturizer that will be great for fall and winter, and a collagen powder (the womens' answer to protein powder—a mix in that makes our skin look prettier) that I've been mixing into the tea every night before bed

Now stay tuned on Instagram because I'll be giving away a SugarBash box to a follower later this week! All you'll have to do is follow me on Insta and tag a friend that would also be interested in the SugarBash box!


Easy Comfort Food with Mezzetta Marinara

There are those nights, particularly Sundays, where you just need some warm, yummy comfort food. While I could order Chinese food or heat up some soup, I find the best way to get my comfort food fix is by making an easy homemade meal. Often my go to is a tomato sauce based pizza. There are so many ways to switch it up, it's a bit indulgent, and it's warm and, yup, carb heavy. Perfect for a cozy Sunday evening in.

This past Sunday, I decided to use my typical base of pizza dough and Mezzetta Marinara and dressed it up with fresh mozzarella and some leftover basil pesto that I've been trying to use up for a few weeks now (mission accomplished). With a sprinkle of parmesan, this was the perfect comfort food to combat a case of the Sunday scaries. Plus, there's nothing like a warm homemade pizza to put right into the mood to curl up with a book and end up in bed by 9:30 p.m.

My tips for the best homemade pizza? Besides using a delicious marinara sauce, I always do a light dusting of cornmeal before I start preparing the crust. It adds a bit of crunch and texture to the bottom of the pizza. Fresh mozzarella bakes beautifully, far better than the shredded stuff, and I cook the pizza at 425 degrees. High heat makes for a better pizza. You can get creative with ingredients—I've done everything from avocado to prosciutto to zucchini and squash to peaches. Whatever you have in the fridge, just toss it on there. You can't go wrong.

This post was sponsored by Mezzetta Marinara, but all opinions, thoughts, and images represented in this post are my own. Thank you to the brands that make Pineapples and Pearls possible!


Little White Dress + Leopard Wedges

Another week, another outfit from TBCon in Charleston. This white dress is from Anthropologie last year (who, by the way, has an extra 40% off sale items right now) and it's one of my all time favorites. White dresses are such a pretty and classic look in the summer—perfectly crisp and cool. Paired with a pair of leopard wedges that are now just $30 and you have the perfect summer brunch or dinner look. 

White Dress {old from Anthropologie, but similar here and here} - Leopard Wedges (only $30!)

These pictures were snapped by Dana while were out on a conference break excursion to see Rainbow Row and the Pineapple Fountain in the 97 degree weather—cue fastest outfit shoot ever. I also have one more Charleston outfit for you coming next week, so stay tuned!


The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts Monday!

In case y'all hadn't heard from all the other bloggers out there, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts Monday, bright and early at 8 a.m. I have an embarrassing amount of Lilly, and I buy almost all of it during this sale. The prices are too good to be beat. While I really wanted to shell out $188 for the new Get Trunky shift, I kept reminding myself, I can get three dresses for that price during the sale. Patience is a virtue. 

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

So, as you get ready to brave the online frenzy on Monday, here are the tips and tricks I've come up with after several years of successfully shopping the Lilly sale:

  • Be patient. The site will crash. There will be a queue. Calm down. If you can't get on, chances are, neither can anyone else, and I guarantee you there will still be plenty of items available when you're finally able to get on the site. 
  • Be prepared. Have your login already created with all your shipping and billing information saved. This will make checking out a breeze.
  • Nothing in your cart is guaranteed and shipping is free, so it makes sense to just check out after every single item.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. You probably don't need $700 worth of Elsa tops (or maybe you do!), so pick one or two you like, and go for those. It's easy to get wrapped up in the deals, but they're not that good. 
  • If it's like past years, all items are final sale. Know your size and know which cuts work for you so you don't end up with a dress that you didn't realize ran three sizes too small. 
  • You can shop by print, so if there was a print that you absolutely loved and all you know is that you want something, anything in that print, you can narrow it down easily.
  • However, if you do end up with something that doesn't fit or the print just doesn't work on you, don't fret. You can absolutely sell it on ebay for the price you paid for it—though don't be one of those people that buys 15 of the same item to try to sell at a markup.

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Just for good measure, or in case you can't wait til Monday to get your Lilly fix, here are a few of my current favorites, including the top from the image directly above. It's only $58, so it's a steal even before the sale (and it likely won't go on sale since it's brand new!)