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Looking For White Shorts? These Ruffled J.Crew Shorts are the Answer

Well, y'all, it doesn't get much hotter outside, so it's been shorts and sandals for every non-work activity. Finding a pair of white shorts that isn't see through and is flattering has been an almost impossible task the past several years. While I love J.Crew's 4" shorts in all their colorful glory, I knew for a pair of white shorts that I didn't want anything made out of chino type material. Enter J.Crew's Ruffle Shorts. They're a thicker, structured cotton that feels a bit dressier. And how adorable are those ruffle details?! Perfect for tucking in and dressing up or down.

Another great white short option? These Tie-Waist shorts. They're so feminine and lightweight — they were a close second for me, and the reviews almost sold me, but I opted for the Tie-Waist in Ratti Pineapple print instead.

Earrings {these are on sale for $24 in Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!}  

Of course, I rounded up an entire wardrobe of white short options for you here, and at all price points. From the save to the splurge, there's definitely something for every budget and body type in these choices below. 

Also, a note on these black Jack Rogers sandals. I'm obsessed. I got them a few summers ago and they are hands down my favorite pair of summer sandals. The way red toes pop against them is perfection, and while I may wear my gold pair more often, these are the ones that make me happiest.

A Coastal Getaway To Annapolis, Maryland

One of my favorite quick jaunts from DC is Annapolis, Maryland. A charming, historic town on the water, that also happens to be the capital of Maryland (no, it's not Baltimore), it's just under an hour from DC but feels a world away.

Despite how many times I've been to Annapolis for crabs, shopping, sailing, strolling the storied streets, I had never actually stayed there overnight, so I was delighted to stay with Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, which is the only hotel in the area that's on the water. The Friday before the Fourth of July seemed like the perfect time to make a trip up there and, despite the heat, it was a lovely nautical getaway.


You know first on my agenda for any trip is, "Where and what am I going to eat?" As soon as Adam and I had dropped off our bags, we walked downtown to Harry Browne's, right by the Maryland State Capitol. The restaurant has a super old school, Art Deco era vibe and gorgeous views of the Capitol and the surrounding homes. When the waiter told us that glasses of wine were $5 at lunch, I became one of those ladies that drinks white wine at 1 p.m. on a weekday. Our meal was the standard Annapolis fare that you will find at most every restaurant in the area — crabcakes, crab everything. But, it was delicious, and the ambiance made the meal.

For dinner, I did want to shake it up a bit and look beyond crabcakes, even if that is what Maryland does. We walked up to Vin 909 in Eastport, which was a charming restaurant in an old house that had a bit of an artsy, homey vibe. It seemed filled with locals from the neighborhood on a Friday evening and the back patio is laid back and perfect for enjoying a leisurely weekend supper. We split a salad and pizza while drinking craft beer and it was exactly the kind of relaxing meal that you want when traveling.

A quick and yummy breakfast of croissants, coffee, and bagel sandwiches the next morning at Bean Rush Cafe was the ideal way to close out the weekend, though I wished we'd discovered its neighborhood of West Annapolis with more time to explore. Just another reason to go back!


I've been to Annapolis for everything from crab picking to touring the Naval Academy to shopping, but on this particular trip we took an afternoon sail on the Schooner Woodwind. On a gorgeous 74 foot sailboat, the crew takes out two hour tours around the Annapolis area. There's beer, wine, and more aboard the boat, and even on a hot day like we had, it's a refreshing way to spend an afternoon. The crew couldn't be friendlier and will give you all the intel on spots to check out around the city.

Pro tip: if you have a card for a VIP beverage, make sure you get the koozie at the ticket counter before you get on the boat. They will not honor it if you don't already have the VIP koozie!


We stayed at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, which is located right on the water in downtown Annapolis and a quick walk across a bridge to the darling town of Eastport. You won't find a more convenient spot for exploring all of Annapolis. Whether you're looking to shop, eat, get out on the water, or enjoy the historic sites, you'll never be more than a 10-15 minute stroll.

Plus, you can't beat the nautical touches throughout the hotel from the vintage Naval Academy photographs to the anchor motifs to the navy and white color theme. The C.O. Bigelow bath products are also a wonderful touch.

If you're planning a trip to Annapolis, let me know and I can give you even more recommendations! On the flip side, if you have any amazing restaurants or fun experiences in Annapolis that I must try on my next trip, be sure to let me know.

Thank you to Annapolis Waterfront Hotel and the Schooner Woodwind for hosting me during my stay in Annapolis. All opinions and images are my own and you can bet I'll be back soon!

Signs of Summer: The Tomato Sandwich

I remember my dad making tomato sandwiches growing up and I was utterly grossed out. Salt and pepper being sprinkled over summer's ripe, red tomatos, slices of white bread—absolutely nothing seemed appealing about the situation. Except the mayonnaise, of course. I've always had an obsession with mayonnaise that borders on a certifiable food fetish. Also, when I say mayonnaise, I mean Duke's. Nothing else is acceptable.

Currently, my boyfriend plays my former role, telling me, "I'll never eat a tomato sandwich." That's fine. That means more for me. Especially when I forgo a a normal dinner, like I did last night, to make a tomato sandwich with nothing else. No sides. Just juicy tomato, spongy white bread, and tangy mayonnaise.

tomato sandwich - duke's mayonnaise

tomato sandwich - duke's mayonnaise


White bread (the cheap kind in the bread aisle at a regular old grocery store)
Farmers market tomatoes
Duke's Mayonnaise

Toast the bread lightly. This is a divisive step, but one I swear by.
Slice the tomatoes to your desired thickness. I'm normally not a huge tomato fan, and I prefer mine on the thinner side and layered.
Slather thick globs of Duke's Mayonnaise all over both pieces of bread.
Season with salt and pepper. Assemble. Eat. Enjoy.

Tomato Sandwich - Duke's Mayonnaise

I've Got The Blues With a Pop Of Color

It seems the running theme in my outfits this summer has been a monochromatic blue look. I picked up this skirt when I ran into Zara during lunch one day last month. I've never really shopped at Zara, but walked out that day with a skirt and top for under $35 total—both of which I've worn multiple times since, so you can guarantee I'll be back.

So, this mural...I love the vibrance of the colors and thought it would be a perfect backdrop for a not so colorful outfit. However, it's on the side of a convenience store and it's in direct sunlight. This shoot was a dance of "okay, the sun looks like it's going behind a cloud, go!" and "hmm...should I have left my work bag sitting in the parking lot?" Despite all that and the slightly overexposed nature of hot summer sun, I actually am kind of digging how bright these turned out. 

When Life Gets Busy, Sometimes You Have to Do an Outfit Shoot En Route to Breakfast

As you all know, the past couple weeks have been a bit chaotic with Hampden's health issues (still an issue), traveling to Annapolis and Minneapolis, and then frantically cleaning out and packing this past weekend due to a false alarm regarding our move possibly getting moved up two weeks. Add in a sinus infection on my end and lots and lots of blog content that I need to get up ASAP, and I've been squeezing in productivity whenever I've got the time and energy. 

On Saturday, it was a quick shoot when I spotted this wall while walking to grab breakfast. Adam, serving as my reluctant photographer, asked me if it was too "gritty." I had to remind him I'm an urban millenial and gritty goes with my aesthetic, duh. It's all about contrast. 

Jean Shorts (under $20!) - Button Down {similar here and here} - Gold Jack Rogers

I love that this outfit has a casual, all-American, summer vibe. Lightweight stripes tucked effortlessly (I can refer to my own look as effortless, right?! That's what I was very effortfully aiming for!) into classic light wash jean shorts is the perfect summer outfit for everything from the farmer's market to brunch to sitting outside at a beer garden. 

Front Doors of Historic Annapolis, Maryland

I started off my Fourth of July weekend with a quick trip to Annapolis, Maryland. Just under an hour away from DC, Annapolis is one of my favorite places to get away from the city. Every time I go, I discover something new to appreciate and, on this particular visit, I became absolutely obsessed with front doors throughout the historic downtown.

Down every side street, there are quaint row homes, some in vibrant colors, others in classic seaside neutrals. Adorning the doors are wreaths of every imaginable flower and nautical combination and I've captured a few of the standouts below.

The yellow door caught my attention for the color, but I quickly realized that it was the side door of this house that I featured just last week in a #TBT Insta post. They've painted all the doors yellow! It gave the classic New England house a bit of sunshine and I'm loving the new look.

Stay tuned because this weekend I'm finishing up a recap of the rest of the trip — a stay at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, a cruise on the Schooner Woodwind, as well as recommendations for all your meals and shopping.
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